When Recipes Say A Cup How Much Is That

Nigella sometimes uses cups to measure ingredients as this can sometimes be easier than getting out a large pair of scales. If a recipe calls for something to be measured in grams or oz use a kitchen scale.

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Some cookbooks will have charts that list how much a cup of some ingredient weighs.

When recipes say a cup how much is that. Measuring forms are interchangeable. Food discussion queries ideas and inspiration plus suggestions for family meals and cooking on a budget. We tend to give cup sizes as a measrue of volume rather than weight.

What does cup mean on recipes. What is the equalvalant amount of agave to one cup of sugar say the recipe calls for one cup of sugar but you want to use agave instead. Would you say ten and half stone when your five foot five is too heavy.

Have to say it wasnt a success and dd hated it. Many thanks angie salisbury. The cup is a cooking measure of volume commonly associated with cooking and serving sizesit is traditionally equal to half a liquid pint in us customary units or between 200 ml and 250 ml 1 5 and 1 4 of a litre in the metric systembecause actual drinking cups may differ greatly from the size of this unit standard measuring cups are usually used instead.

When the recipe says half a cup how much does it mean. How much is an american cup in english. Why did we.

When a recipe says a cup how much does it mean. How many ounces is a cup please. Is there a more standard measurement.

Our cups are all different sizes. But now shes older i was looking for recipes with spinach that were more like meals iykwim. Before you begin converting it is important to acknowledge that us.

If youre looking for good recipes to batch cook and stock your freezer with or meal ideas for a buffet bbq or party post here to get suggestions from other netmums. Looking for inspiration for dinner or breakfast or lunch try our top bananas. Think ill stick to recipes with english measurements next time.

When measuring dry ingredients such as flour you need to use a dry measuring cup. Besides that it is sometimes impossible to level off the ingredient in a liquid measuring cup the measurement is much more accurate in the dry cup. You cannot convert weight to volume or length into hours or temperature into cups etc.

Looking for inspiration for dinner or breakfast or lunch. Liquid cups are different from us. Cookbook 120 family meals from mumsnetters.

How much agave nectar do you use. Nigella sometimes suggests using a cupful.

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