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In this video im going to show how the tools work and how to make synthetic chemicals from chemsynth pack. This page serves as a home for each way to obtain items in growtopia.

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Chemicals can be combined with other items in a chemical combiner in order to create a new item.

Recipes chemical growtopia. Red yellow green blue. The most common of all chemicals produced by one. Growtopia all re ipes synthetic chemical new pets growtopia how to make synthetic chemicals tutorial recipes growtopia wiki docshare tips recipes growtopia best around the world.

Blueberry muffin 6 blueberry 2 sugar cane 2 dough bread 1 egg 1 milk 4 dough pizza 3 dough 1 swiss cheese 1 tomato dough 4 wheat 1 egg 1 sugar cane. Here are some science recipes that is worth knowing. Harvesting a science station.

Recipes splicing recipes forging recipes crystal recipes combining recipes burning recipes dna recipes spirit storage recipes sewing recipes grinding recipes cooking recipes night of the comet recipes mystery pinata. Those who need mysterious chemicals. Ze goggles 2 chemical r 4 chemical b 2 chemical p.

The best of 2016 album mix intro. Shocking hair 30 chemical g 4 chemical r 1 chemical b. Written by ninjadoom a acid plumbing cactus afro bush black block air robinsons race end flag bubble wrap amber glass dirt glass pane antidote blueberry apple apple red bricks blueberry apron stove checker wallpaper.

Lab coat 20 chemical r 20 chemical p 5 chemical y. Growtopia wiki is a fandom games community. Dragon tail 6 chemical g 2 chemical p 3 chemical y.

List of recipes in growtopia. Audio used in video. Meghan trainor no excuses plus cow sound effect how to join 20 wls.

Visit the post for more. Slime 15 chemical g 2 chemical p 4 chemical b. March 2017 update night of the chemical things you need.

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