Pork Chop Recipes Instant Pot

For this instant pot pork chop recipe well give it a good rub with some very basic seasonings salt pepper and brown sugar. Tips for this instant pot pork chops recipe.

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This recipe is a delicious way to serve boneless pork chops seared until golden.

Pork chop recipes instant pot. Learn how to make tender and juicy pork chops in your instant pot its so easy. Make this instant pot pork chops recipe for some seriously great comfort food that comes together quickly and easily. These onion gravy smothered instant pot pork chops are everything youve dreamed of in a pork chop and more.

You can also make instant pot boneless pork chops using this same method. We love serving this easy pork chops recipe with a side of mashed potatoes or egg noodles. Place the butter on top and sprinkle the ranch mix packet on top.

Instant pot pork chops with gravy are one of the best comforting and flavorful instant pot recipes. If youve been on the hunt for a pork chop that is fork tender incredibly juicy and full of flavor stop right here. Unfortunately the pork chops i made did not turn out as i had hoped.

Place the pork chops in the instant pot with a tablespoon of coconut oil. They looked delicious but were dry. You can skip this step but they look prettier when you brown them first.

Instant pot pork chops start with a good rub. After the pork chops are well seasoned on both sides we add some oil to the instant pot and add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. How to instant pot boneless pork chops recipe.

I have just bought an instant pot and am searching for recipes and directions on how to use the different buttons in the recipe it states to place the 4 browned pork chops and meat juice back in the instant pot but i do not see the step where any meat juice is removed. Instant pot pork chops come out perfectly juicy and have such great flavor. I have yet to find a pork chop recipe that is not overcooked with the instant pot.

Using the one pot power of an instant pot means these pork chops can. Thin cut chops will overcook and dry out in the instant pot. Season the pork chops with pepper but not salt before you add them to the pot to brown.

Use thick cut pork chops between 1 inch and 1 12 inches thick. Turn on the saute setting and brown on both sides. It seems like pork chops are the only meat i have not perfected with the instant pot.

Its always funny to me how we look forward to summer break from school every single year and i personally count the days down right along with my kiddos. Simple yet full of flavor with only a handful of ingredients you likely have sitting in your pantry. The flavor could have been a little more intense too.

Make sure all pork chops are browned. For maximum flavor i prefer cooking them with the bone on. The soy sauce in the honey garlic sauce adds enough salt to this recipe.

This instant pot pork chops recipe is so easy and tasty you wont believe its low carb and keto friendly. Whether you choose to cook your pork chops in the instant pot from fresh or frozen theyre perfect for a satisfying midweek meal or as a hearty sunday supper.

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