Leftover Turkey Recipes Low Carb

But if youre just reading this after thanksgiving has passed and youre wondering what to do with all that leftover turkey i have the recipe for you. Its low carb and ready in under 20 minutes.

Leftover Turkey Salad

Leftover Turkey Salad

Low Carb Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Here are my best low carb recipes for leftover turkey or chicken for anyone who wants low carb ideas for using that leftover turkey.

Leftover turkey recipes low carb. And definitely dont skip out on my low carb stuffing. This recipe for low carb leftover turkey casserole boasts loads of bacon broccoli and blue cheese. Scratching your head you search the internet to find something to use the turkey in that everyone will enjoy.

How to make thanksgiving leftover casserole. Now some of these recipes may need a little tweaking and ingenuity. Its a delicious way to give leftover turkey a fresh new facelift.

Were keeping things low carb and starting with cauliflower rice. You may need to use low carb tortillas or low carb bread feel free to consult fluffy chix cooks recipe archives for sources of low carb bread cornbread wraps and tortillas. Sure there are plenty more low carb turkey soup recipes out there but all you really need is these 10 best leftover turkey soup recipes to make you want to roast a turkey once a month just so youll have an excuse to make them over and over again.

Its a mix between a w. Although ill be sharing recipes from turkey leftovers over the next few days i wanted to start with this creamy low carb scalloped turkey recipe. Weve all been there the day after thanksgiving or christmas and you are left with tons of turkey.

Use recipe round ups to find more low carb round ups like this one. Add cooked turkey to any kind of soup you would normally use chicken like this creamy chicken and sun dried tomato soup. Low carb recipe ideas for turkey leftovers.

This turkey casserole can work for low carb keto gluten free grain free diabetic lchf and banting diets. If you usually bake a turkey during the holiday season youll surely have some turkey leftover meat. I baked a 14lb turkey this year earlier so that i could take additional pictures and videos and i have so much turkey meat left.

This one pot leftover turkey soup is an easy way to use up leftover turkey. The easiest low carb turkey casserole. And heres the link for thanksgiving recipes if you need it when youre cooking today.

Thanksgiving and christmas typically come with plenty of leftover turkey so we thought it would be time to share our favorite one pot leftover turkey soup. You may need to replace leftover thanksgiving turkey for the meat specified in the recipe. The best thing about thanksgiving is leftover turkey for days.

Thanksgiving is not too far away so if you are faced with lots of leftover turkey here are few low carb ideas. Leftover turkey soup recipe keto low carb gluten free grain free thm s. These are the 10 best keto soups using leftover turkey that we could find.

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