Healthy Instant Pot Soup Recipes

Soup dinner side dishes breakfast and snack recipes youre going to love this collection of healthy instant pot recipes. Instant pot three sisters soup recipe by moon and spoon and yum.

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Flavorful food is another instant pot magic.

Healthy instant pot soup recipes. This gorgeous instant pot lentil soup is a delicious and healthy meal full of plant based protein fiber and nutrients. Instant pot butter bean soup butter beans are like a lima white bean love child and are the perfect accompaniment to the pieces of spicy sausage in this soup. Here are almost 100 healthy instant pot recipes.

Stew and soup made in a pressure cooker in fraction of time of its stovetop versions. Healthy instant pot soup and stew. I love how all the flavors in instant pot soup recipes blend so well together and how easily it is to add cooked or browned meat bacon or ground beef or italian sausage for example and not have to dirty an extra pot.

General tips for making instant pot soup recipes. This instant pot lentil soup is healthy delicious easy to make and it is vegan too. Speaking of hearty instant pot soups heres one you wont want to pass on.

This instant pot soup is my spin on a three sisters soup. Its tasty simple to make and is vegan friendly and gluten free. You can make a lot of healthy recipes in your instant pot.

5 ways to make soup in your instant pot. Programmable to do everything from slow cooking to yogurt making this sleek plug in pressure cooker is a go to for anyone looking to whip up a quick dinner or do some batch cooking on the weekends. This might seem like an obvious one but pay attention to the recipes.

While most soup recipes require a nice long simmer to help the flavors meld together an instant pot speeds up the whole. Get the recipe from everyday maven. Three sisters refers to a companion planting technique used for planting beans corn and squash together.

But tastes like it has been simmering all day. This lentil soup is the perfect recipe to make for dinner or lunch on the go and will fill you up for days. Check out our collection of top rated 15 instant pot chicken recipes.

Living in northern california where the weather is stinking hot for 8 months of the year and being from northern ireland where it rains for 8 months of the year i really crave those cold rainy days where you get to snuggle up inside with a bowl of piping hot soup and forget about the world outside. Instant pot thai red lentil soup from instant pot eats. Browse our collection of easy family friendly recipes from healthy instant pot chicken to hearty beef stew.

No list of instant pot soups could be complete without the classic tomato soup. These meal worthy soups are a good place to start if you need some soup inspo and if you have an instant pot weve got you covered with this collection of instant pot soup recipes. Healthy instant pot soup recipes.

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