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The problem isnt. The legend of zelda.

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Nutcake Take 2

Yesterday My Friends And I Got Together And Made The Botw

Cooking in breath of the wild is extensive but theres no sort of in game system to track recipes.

Botw recipes cake. This page will have all the recipes in the game the legend of zelda. Once the all enemies are defeated and you are in the library you can safely look for the monster cake recipe on a large table in the middle of the bottom floor. Discover the recipes you can do based on your inventory stuff.

Create and optimize yours the recipe editor computes the results. The monster cake is an item from the legend of zelda. Breath of the wild.

It is a curative item that restore links health by some heart containers. Fruitcake and monster cake. A parents love side quest in zelda breath of the wild requires you to find a recipe for making cake and it is one thing that we couldnt figure out for a while.

But please take care to check that it is not a generic extension of an existing recipe as described below. 2x fruit 2 different fruits 1x tabantha wheat 1x cane sugar. You can get the quest by talking to gotter at the riverside stable in central hyrule.

There are two recipes you can find in the castle. Breath of the wild recipes. One of them ties into the a parents love quest its for the cake you need to bake for the little girl.

Breath of the wild. The fruitcake recipe is on a. Were bad bakers obviously it turns out you need mostly the standard cake stuff for it and one more unusual ingredient.

Link needs to cook one during the side quest a parents love in tarrey town. Please note that you must visit hyrule castle and read the recipe books before you can cook. The recipe editor computes the result of your recipe so you can optimize them.

Link can make either recipe to complete the quest causing gotter to reward link with a silver. Along with monster cake fruitcake is one of the recipes link can make for gotter at the riverside stable during the a royal recipe side quest in which gotter asks link to find the royal recipes in the hyrule castle library and make one of them. Breath of the wilds a royal recipe side quest begins at riverside stable right next to wahgo katta shrinethere youll meet gotter a.

If you find a new recipe please add it to the recipe list below. You can find breath of the wild botw recipes throughout hyrule on banners and learn them from. It is made by combining tabantha wheat goat butter cane sugar and.

A royal recipe quest in zelda botw where to find recipes in hyrule castle.

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