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Add another popular southern ingredient and you have our fried pecan okra which uses crushed pecans to make a crisp outer coating. If you like it gooey and glutinous add it to an african style stew.

Bhindi Masala Dry Fry Indian Okra

Okra Chickpea Tagine

Our Best Recipes Using Okra Myrecipes

We put together our favorite okra recipes tried and tested by our editors and test kitchen professionals again and again to ensure it wont fail you.

0kra recipes. And others well not so much. Add 4 cups okra halved lengthwise and 1 small onion cut into wedges. Okra shrimp and a variety of sauteed vegetables are used to create a thick stew even without the dark roux found in traditional gumbo recipes.

One of the best okra recipes you would want to make. Every southerner has their favorite okra dish and weve rounded up the best okra recipes we could find to showcase this traditional southern veggie. When handled by an expert okra can be crunchy crisp and far from slimy.

Saute 4 smashed garlic cloves in 3 tablespoons olive oil over medium heat until golden. As a good southern gardener i find myself bringing in okra by the armload nearly every other day. Try pickled okra for an addictive tangy treat.

A foolproof method of cooking okra this southern vegetable is battered in an egg and buttermilk mixture then tossed into the deep fryer until golden brown. Get the recipe here. You cant talk about the best okra recipes without talking southern fried okra.

The golden garlic adds a perfect hint of sweetness that brings out the sweetness of okra too. Season with salt and pepper and. Shrimp and okra gumbo.

All it requires is a bit of oil sliced garlic that starts to turn golden okra and just a splash of water to lightly steam it. The key is to highlight in recipes that you can trust are going to work. My indian friend taught me how to make this easy traditional indian okra recipe using fresh okra and spices in a skillet.

Okra is a magical vegetable whose texture varies dramatically depending on how its cooked. Chopped tomato makes a great addition when we have some handy. Its super easy and the resulting okra are fresh lightly crisp and not slimy at all.

Find okra recipes videos and ideas from food network. If you prefer it in. A healthier alternative to the traditional deep fried version.

The crunchy pieces are the perfect bites of okra youll eat like popcorn. This garlic okra recipe is so simple. This is so simple and easy and the okra tends to not be nearly as gummy or slimy when roasted.

Stewed okra is great but for a little variety we like to roast ours from time to time. Crispy air fryer fried okra recipe thats easy to make and fried to a golden crispy texture.

Middle Eastern Okra Bamya

Our Best Okra Recipes Ideas And Tips Kitchn

Bhindi Masala Spicy Okra Curry Recipe

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